Manufacturing Quality Platens for the Rubber Molding Industry

wecreate / January 16, 2023
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Venango Manufactures Quality Platens for the Rubber Molding Industry

Do you need a quality rubber molding platen manufactured by an experienced and trusted platen manufacturer? 十大正规网赌软件 is conveniently located in Pennsylvania, and we have decades of experience manufacturing and refurbishing hyrdraulic press platens for a wide range of rubber mold presses and machines that are used to manufacture automobile products, 消费品, 和更多的. Throughout this piece we will provide examples of the machines our rubber molding platens can be used for, the products our platens help produce, and some of the aspects of Venango that make us the right choice for your rubber molding platen manufacturing contracting needs in PA.


Manufacturing Electric and Hydraulic Press Platens for a Diverse Range of Rubber Molding Machines

Given the omnipresence of rubber in so many industries, the types of rubber molding machines manufacturers utilize are diverse. Thanks to Venango’s experience in the rubber platen manufacturing business, we understand what it takes to work on platens used in many of them. At Venango we can manufacture, and repair rubber molding platens used in equipment made by manufacturers such as 沃巴什机械, French Oil Machinery, Pinette机器, TMP出版社, SparTek Press, Dake Press, and many more. 

Given the types of machines needed to manufacture the world’s rubber products and components, knowing how to work with the amount that Venango does provides tremendous value to our contract customers. You can contact us for a complete list of the rubber molding presses that we can manufacture and refurbish platens for to determine if we are right for your next job.


Our Rubber Molding Platens Help Customers Reliably Produce Popular Products

By manufacturing hydraulic press and electric rubber molding platens in PA for a diverse variety of machines including those listed above 和更多的, we help our contract customers manufacture rubber products that help to ensure consumers’ lives run smoothly. From automobile components like tires, 挡风玻璃刮水器, 地垫, and mud flaps to 消费品 like shoe soles, 操场上的垫子, 高尔夫球芯, 及以后, Venango’s platens can help you mold the rubber products your customers demand. Our platens are designed to ensure even mold heating, which is intended to result in uniformity of your molded rubber products and components. 


Offering Additional 服务 and Solutions at Our 35,000 Sq Ft Facility in Pennsylvania

Not all rubber molding platen manufacturing and repair jobs require the same work. Thankfully, at our 35,000 square foot facility we maintain the traditional and computer-aided machinery and skilled staff needed to complete work ranging from 6-axis gun drilling, horizontal surface grinding, CNC horizontal boring, 还有更多. With this equipment in the hands of our talented team, there is no platen-related work we cannot handle with efficiency and complete with exceptional quality. You are welcome to explore the full list of our state-of-the-art equipment on our website before contacting us for a quote,


70 Years of Experience Have Helped the Venango Team Hone our Skills

When you contract Venango for a rubber molding platen manufacturing or refurbishing job, you are choosing more than a team with skill and advanced equipment. You are also choosing a rubber platen manufacturing firm with 70 years of experience. This experience has helped us hone our craft, which means we can manufacture your rubber platens efficiently and cost effectively while still delivering the quality you demand and that we expect of ourselves. Whatever rubber product your presses are molding, Venango has the experience, 训练有素的工作人员, and equipment needed to provide the platens you need.

十大正规网赌软件 us today so we can review your drawings, discuss your needs, and offer you a competitive quote on your next rubber molding platen job. 



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